Highlights from August ✨

When a beautiful past client calls on you to be a part of an exclusive panel line up of guest speakers for her industry event, you ignore the inner introvert who likes to hide out behind the scenes and say a big "YES" ...  then promptly deal with the freak out later! Much to my relief, when I arrived at Second Home, Eltham on a rainy Friday, I was immediately put at ease as the most amazing room of designers surrounded me with support, warmth and encouragement. It was one of the most uplifting and inspiring events I have been a part of in a very long time. Sharing the in's and out's of how I built my studio, the power of building a brand (not just a business)  and how I shape my client journey was such an honour and proof that you should always lean into the things that scare you (even if public speaking leaves you in a cold sweat)! 

Kylie Tyrrell, an interior designer with many years in the game, came to me last year with the idea to launch a group mentorship program and community geared specifically towards budding interior designers. Arming these talented creatives with the confidence and the know how to turn the dream of running a successful design business into a reality. Kylie wanted to lift the veil on the interiors industry and bridge the gap between the skills you learn in design school and setting up your business. In short, 'Interiors Insider' is all about what they don't teach at design school. It's about having the confidence to make a start - because as we all know, there are many talented people in the world who get stuck at the starting gates and their potential is left unrealised.

I knew then that this was something I wanted to play a part in shaping and that this was sorely needed in the interiors space. Fast forward  not even one year later and it's absolutely no surprise to me that Kylie has gathered the most incredible, supportive community within Interiors Insider. Seeing a brand flourish so quickly is the most full-circle feeling as a brand designer and I'm so proud of everything Interiors Insider stands for. If you are a budding designer or fresh out of study, do yourself the biggest favour and join II's next intake. You don't need to figure this out alone and there is a whole community on the inside waiting to have your back. 

Learn more about Interiors Insider here


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