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We recently had the pleasure of working with the very talented Kristina of Maoma Design Studio in the UK. Kristina came to us by referral and was looking for someone to help her rebrand her interior design business and give her a sense of clarity and confidence in the way she was presenting herself following a previous branding experience that did not work collaboratively with her. She was looking to connect to her brand on a deeper level and to define the value that she offered to her clients. 

“You really took on board what I wanted to the branding to portray but you took it a step further by intuitively and creatively adding dimensions that I didn’t think of. From the font, to the colours and the imagery- it all cohesively works and it’s minimalism just as I had hoped.

The fluidity of what has been created helps bring across what I want clients to feel when they see my company- minimalism, clean lines, aesthetically impressive and clear messaging. But beyond that it is the ‘start’ to offering my services that I had hoped for- it makes me feel confident to go out and approach clients knowing my branding is exactly where I need it to be"


“My previous experience with a designer for branding was so disappointing and I didn't feel a connection to what had been created for Maoma. It scared me from approaching anyone else. I took a huge leap of faith with this rebrand and it has been worth it’s weight in gold! I couldn't be happier that I chose to work with you.

Sometimes people just lack the confidence they need to go for their dreams and I think how you handled my branding and my fears from my previous experience was amazing and so professional. You immediately made me feel right at ease - that’s a skill!”


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